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Meever Middle East is an experienced , strong and reliable supplying partner to the foundation and marine construction industries in the GCC , India, East Africa and beyond.

With the preferred position to supply from several stock locations Meever Middle East is capable to serve customer’s demand for immediate supplies. Additional services as sale-buyback, rental and engineering support enables Meever Middle East to maintain a strong position in current developing markets.

Abu Dhabi, The United Arab Emirates
Meever Middle East is located in Abu Dhabi, the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates. The Emirate of Abu Dhabi lies on the Persian Gulf and on the borders with the Sultanate of Oman and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The UAE is currently one of the world’s fastest growing economies, as expanding oil- and trade markets, financial centres , distribution and a continuous developing tourism and shopping sector.

One of the main revenues of Abu Dhabi is the construction industry. The huge demand for material and labour supplies makes Abu Dhabi an interesting and attractive location for foreign investors to settle.

Our vision
With an experienced and professional staff Meever Middle East has a vision to create valuable long-term relationships and is continuously focussed on superior solutions. Meever Middle East has the objective to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Markets and customers
Meever Middle East is offering a wide range of steel products for construction and foundation industries in GCC, Africa and Asia. Our customers are main contractors, specialized foundation-companies, piling-companies and stockholders.

Meever Middle East holds tight connections with several steel mills and has a preferred position to supply from stock, which means immediate availability and short lead times. Meever Middle East is your supplier for all steel products used in (deep) foundations and ground constructions.

Recent projects

Sheet piles ESZ 24-700 – Abu Dhabi


Sheet piles ESZ 26-700 – Abu Dhabi


Sheet piles ESZ 28-700 – Egypt


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