Bracing systems

Meever series Brace is a modular system designed & engineered to maintain excavation integrity, it allows flexibility on site and saves time and money. Most importantly it provides a safe working environment.

Meever Series Brace is:

  • The first of its kind, with removable hydraulic rams so the load is not under hydraulic load
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile on site
  • Time and money saving
  • Easy fast assembly 0.5mtr, 1mtr, 2mtr, 3mtr & 6mtr Modules, Meever Series fits together with a full shear capacity joint, secured with one pin. This simple, easy assembly requires minimal training, saving time on site layout.

Reduced Weight 
The brace is lighter than conventional method of steel pipe strutting, therefore smaller machines can be used on site.

Over-dig Allowance
The Meever series hydraulic unit extends up to 700mm, allowing an overall overlap of up to 200mm. This means that if over-digging occurs, the hydraulic unit can extend 200mm to cover the gap between the modules, creating dig flexibility and convenience on site.

Safe Cross Bracing
Cross brace connections points have been designed into the modules. This allows a positive connection between the module and the cross brace. The speed of installation & extraction can be 30-40% faster than conventional welding of beams and struts, with 50% less labour required. 

  • Meever Series Brace can be used in conjuction with all Steel Sheet Piles U & Z Type, trench sheet.
  • Meever Series Brace is not restricted to size or shape it is versatile in every aspect.
  • Meever offers a preliminary design outlining the sheets and the amount of bracing needed to secure your excavations
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