Steel sheet piles

Steel sheet piles are the construction materials to retain water and soil for all types of ground, port and waterway constructions.

Meever supplies hot rolled sheet piles, U and Z sections, from stock and from production direct from steel mills. The sheet piles are produced by first rated steel mills who are ISO 9001, TUV or comparable other institutes certified and in accordance with European standards EN 10248-1 and EN 10248-2. Steel Grades S270GP, S355GP, S390GP and S430 GP.

Why is Meever is the right solution for your sheet piling requirement?

  • Meever offers designs and economical solutions to customers demand.
  • Meever has approximately 25,000 tons of sheet piles in stock, where additional services as pairing, crimping/ welding, cutting, anti-corrosion paint and water tightness paint can be applied.
  • Meever is offering rental and sale-buyback services for steel sheet piles.
  • Meever delivers directly to jobsites by road, rail and water transport.

Hot rolled sheet piles

  • Most sections can be rolled up and down 0,5 mm 
  • Technical delivery conditions: EN 10248-1
  • Tolerances: EN 10248-2
  • Steel grades S240GP, S270 GP, S355GP, S 390GP and S430GP in accordance with EN 10248-1
  • Delivered length: 24,00 m maximum
  • Packing: free sections or bundles max. 5,000 kg
  • Pairing and joining by crimping or welding upon request    
  • lifting holes upon request; mill standard diameter 40 mm at 150 mm from sheet pile end

Cold formed Sheet piling:

  • Larger effective width = fewer interlock seals
  • Less material = lower weight per m2
  • Suitable for smaller series
  • Short delivery times
  • Alternative to tropical hardwood


European: EN 10.025-2 grades S 275 JR/0/2, S 355 JR/0/2, S 420 JR/0/2 and S 450 J0
British: BS 4360 grades 43 A-C and 50 A-D
American: ASTM A 572 grades 50-60 and ASTM A992
Japanese: JIS G3106 grades SM 400 A-C and SM 490 YA-B
Steel sections according to BS, ASTM and European standards. Bearing piles according to BS4-1 and ASTM A6 standards.

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Steel sheet piles

India is the biggest sub-continent with a shore line of 7,516,6 kms and also several rivers which usually reaches the  highest flood levels almost every year and even higher which inundates the nearby locations. The country is having a large variety of virgin and longstanding problematic soils which are almost soft and permeable.

Various uses of sheet piles are as below:
• Flood Walls
• Levee Freeboard Increases
• Dam Stabilization
• Piping Protection
• Seepage Barrier
• Levee Repair
• Chemical Containment
• Underground chemical tanks
• Seepage Barriers
• Groundwater Cut Off / diversion
• Foundation Protection
• Tide Walls
• Breakwaters / Wave Breaks
• Jetties
• Groins
• Erosion Control / Scour Protection
• Retaining Walls for abutments & slopes
• Basements

• Dry fix – No requirement of shuttering / cement concrete
• Readily available
• Quick installation
• Sustainable
• Engineered strength
• Flexible - Versatile
• Optimal land use
• Modern method of construction
• Environment friendly

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